Posting Your CV On The Web Without Risking Identity Theft

iProfile Makes It Possible

If you aren’t concerned about posting your CV and other personal information online... maybe you should be. The headlines about identity theft tell the tale of a growing trend:

"Web based identity theft in UK at 12 year high"

"Job seekers’ sensitive information stolen in security breach"

"ID theft committed using Facebook"

The media is abuzz with stories about identity theft incidents tied to the use of social networking sites and job posting sites. The thieves are seeking out and finding useful personal information, which they then use to impersonate the owner and go shopping on their bank account or gain access to their computer.

iProfile spokesman Karl Gregory says, "If these thieves gain access to details contained in your CV, it could give them enough information to steal your identity. Remember, your CV describes a big chunk of one’s life. It could reveal your address, phone number, place of work , your hobbies, date of birth and much more. When you combine that with everything your Facebook page reveals about you, fraudsters can use all that to hijack your identity. That’s why we make it our number one priority to ensure your iProfile can’t been viewed by anyone you haven’t given permission to."

What are these?

How iProfile Safeguards Your Information

With an iProfile posting, you get security advantages over CV posting websites and the peace of mind that goes with knowing your identity is safe. Here are some of the safeguards built into the iProfile system:

  • Your iProfile is only accessible to the iProfile-compatible agencies you have previously sent your CV to. Using your iProfile control panel, you can check which agencies have access and make changes to those permissions at any time. Your iProfile will never be made available to employers without your express consent.
  • Everyone who views your iProfile has to log in first. Our software tracks those log-ins so you know exactly who has viewed your CV and when.
  • Your iProfile information resides behind a secure log-in ID and password (that you determine) on a website designed with industry leading security measures.
  • CVs sent via word document can’t be controlled because they are distributed so easily. But with an iProfile, you simply send recruiters the online link (URL) where your CV resides. You can remove access to that link at any time.
  • We don’t sell our users’ information. We don’t even look at it. Only you and the recruiters you designate will ever see your iProfile posting.
  • iProfile complies 100% with the Data Protection Act and the Conduct of Employment Agency Regulations.

For all these reasons, an iProfile is much safer than publishing your CV on your own website or Facebook or MySpace site where absolutely anyone can see it.

iProfile Takes Over The UK Job Market

So far, 2.3 million job seekers have discovered the advantages of the iProfile online CV and are enjoying the job opportunities it gives them. Over 2500 recruiters are also iProfile compatible, and more join us every day. Once they try the iProfile system, they realize how much faster and easier it is to identify suitable candidates when everyone is using the same universal, searchable CV template.

The fact that iProfile CVs are safe and secure from identity theft is just one more good reason for job seekers to get a free iProfile account.