iProfile: The CV Template That’s Taking Over

Janet Linden, a computer programmer, has accumulated quite a CV portfolio. In the 13 years of her adult working life she’s created a new CV or updated her old CV format at least 8 times. So recently when she found herself once again job hunting, she dug up her latest CV, circa 2004, and was appalled.

"My CV format looked like a dog’s breakfast! Now in retrospect, I can see it from the employer's point of view. There was no logic to the order I presented the categories, the margins were all over the page - nothing lined up, and it was embarrassingly padded out to 9 pages, a lot of it stuff that I’m sure no one cared about."

The problem with any existing CV format (or resume templates) is that, until now, there hasn’t been a standardised template. So job boards, hirers and recruiters had to first un-format each CV and then enter it into their own database’s format - a tedious, boring task that cost companies time and money. It also opened the door to all kinds of errors and omissions slipping into the system, missing phone numbers for references, incorrectly keyed data, and other mistakes that work against both the employer and the job seeker.

The Trouble With The Old CV Format

Without a universal CV template that everyone can use with confidence, people like Janet wind up trying out a wide variety of CV format styles over the years, very often choosing an inappropriate or ineffective one. For example, many CV resources from a decade or more ago recommended a certain CV format for candidates who had more education than job experience. A different CV format was suggested for executives, technical workers, service industry personnel, etc. But in the end, it has always been up to the individual job seeker to choose a CV format and shoehorn their own information into a given template. It wasn’t always a good fit.

A Well Kept Secret: The Online CV Template

Until now, the iProfile has been a secret known only to some savvy UK job seekers - 2.3 million of them, to be exact. It has also been used by many recruitment agencies to help select candidates. But now, iProfile is available to all professionals... anyone can use the free service to build their new iProfile CV and take advantage of the wide exposure it gives them.

The iProfile CV template is a great boon to the job seeker. It allows you to write, amend, and send your CV to any number of potential employers from the security of your online iProfile account. And because you can change your CV as often as needed over the years, the iProfile CV is the last CV you’ll ever have to create.

For all those reasons, iProfile has received overwhelming support for its new CV format from both hirers and job seekers. Now, Janet and others like her don’t have to agonize over choosing the right CV format for their professions and experience. Now recruiters don’t have to un-format and re-format a wild assortment of CVs because most consultants are using the same definitions that you use when you create your iProfile CV.

All this means a streamlined recruitment process and more accurate job matches in the end, which is beneficial for everyone.

The Standardized CV Template of the Future

90% of IT sector employees in the UK have used iProfiles to find a job. And nearly half of the largest UK recruitment agencies have adopted the iProfile CV format as well.

iProfile is expanding its reach into sectors like finance, banking, accounting, construction and engineering. So very soon, the iProfile CV template will be the UK standard CV template that everyone uses to make their next career move. And that every employer and recruiter uses to find them.

So what did Janet Linden decide to do? When she saw how easy it was to transfer her current CV information into the iProfile template and how much more accessible this would make her to potential employers, she signed up for a free iProfile account.

If you’d like to get an iProfile click here. To learn more about iProfile, the new CV format, before joining, click here.