What is my iProfile?

Your iProfile is an online CV that contains precise definitions of your skills, qualifications and experiences in a format that the recruitment industry has adopted as a standard.

Nearly half of the largest UK recruitment companies have adopted the iProfile and over 2 million candidates now hold an iProfile.

Why was the iProfile invented?

With the average agency now receiving over 3,000 CVs each week, many are unable to cope with the work involved in processing all this information, responding to all of these candidates and accurately matching them to jobs. The problem is down to the traditional CV. This is because each CV is presented differently, everybody has their own way of describing their skills and as soon as it is received it goes out-of-date. By creating a standard template for the CV (the iProfile), those agencies that are compatible can now process your information within seconds of receiving it and precisely match you to their jobs.

What are the benefits of having an iProfile?

Your iProfile takes the hassle out of finding work in the following ways:
  • It's re-usable
    Time spent completing your iProfile is never wasted as you can re-use your iProfile with other iProfile Compatible recruitment companies.
  • Hear about jobs first
    Before advertising a vacancy, consultants search against their database of iProfiles using the same definitions you use in the iProfile to define your skills, qualifications and experiences. Therefore, making sure you complete as much information as possible in your iProfile will ensure you get returned in consultants' searches when they have a job that is suitable for you.
  • You take control
    Only the recruitment companies that you send your CV to or you register with will ever see your iProfile. In contrast to the CV, your iProfile also enables you to control who has access to your information at any time.
  • Easy to update
    You can use your iProfile to easily update the iProfile Compatible recruitment companies you allow to view your iProfile with changes in your job seeking status, availability, job preferences etc.
  • Greater security and protection
    The iProfile helps ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and the Conduct of Employment Agency Regulations. Not only that but also the terms and conditions have been standardised so that you are not signing up to different terms each time you apply for a job.

Who has access to my iProfile?

Your iProfile is only accessible to the iProfile Compatible agencies that you have previously sent your CV to or you have logged into your iProfile at their website. You can check and control which agencies currently have access to your iProfile from your Control Panel.

How do recruiters search against my information?

Recruiters search against their iProfile database before they even advertise a vacancy. They search against this information using a highly advanced resourcing tool that uses the same definitions as you used to describe your key skills, qualifications, work experience and job preferences in your iProfile. This returns highly accurate search results that are ranked by relevance. For example, those candidates that are seriously looking for work, have the right skills and the right work experience are listed at the top of their results. Many recruiters also sort their results so that the most recently updated iProfiles are listed at the top. This is why it is so important that you keep your iProfile up-to-date.
To save them time reviewing irrelevant CVs they also use the iProfile Summary preview (as shown in the example below) to quickly review candidates' details before deciding whether it is worth opening their full iProfile or CV. This is why it is so important that you select your key skills and complete your most recent jobs in your iProfile.

How does my iProfile work?

  • How was my iProfile created?
    It is most likely that your iProfile was automatically created for you from a CV you had previously sent to an iProfile Compatible agency. When an agency becomes iProfile Compatible, all the CVs in their database are converted into iProfiles. From then on every time they receive a CV from someone who does not already have an iProfile they will automatically extract the key information from within it and use it to build them an iProfile. If the CV holder also has an iProfile then this will be identified and the iProfile holder will be asked to update their details.
  • What if an agency got my CV because it was held in a database run by a job board?
    If this is the case then an iProfile is not built. This is because the best iProfiles are only built from the original CV, which means you need to send an original CV to an iProfile Compatible agency in order for them to create you one.
  • Why complete my iProfile?
    The iProfile is computer generated and therefore is never going to be perfect. By completing your iProfile you will ensure that all the information is accurate and that your skills and experience are defined in as much detail as possible. The completion process is simple and you can do as little or as much as you want but remember you only need to do it once so it's worth getting it right. By completing your iProfile, recruiters will then be able to use the precise definition within it to accurately match you to their jobs and these definitions will also be used to produce your iProfile Statement, your monthly update on the value of your skills.
  • How do recruiters search on my iProfile?
    When recruitment consultants search on their respective database of iProfiles (remember they can only search against your iProfile with your permission) they use the same dictionary of skills, experience and preferences that you used to define yourself. The search engine is hierarchical, which means that if a recruiter searches on a skill that is higher or lower in the dictionary than the one you have defined in your iProfile, then you will still be found. The results list is sorted into an order of relevance, i.e. the iProfile with the most accurate match and those that are seriously looking for work at the top. From the results list the recruiter will then decide whether to shortlist you for a particular role and if they do they will then contact you to let you know.
  • How will I be contacted about a job?
    If a consultant is interested in putting you forward for a job, they will first contact you either by phone or email to tell you about the opportunity and gain your permission to send on your details. Consultants are busy people so they may not always remember to tell you that it is as a result of your iProfile so feel free to ask them.
  • How can I access my iProfile?
    You can access your iProfile by entering your User Name (which is your email address) and Password into the log-in section of the agency's website you are registered with, any website where you see the iProfile Compatible logo and at http://candidate.apac.iprofile.org/
  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    If you forget your password, simply click the forgotten password link under the log-in section on http://candidate.apac.iprofile.org/ or the website of the agency you are registered with. By entering your email address in this section, you will automatically get sent your password.
  • Who or what is iProfile Assistant?
    iProfile Assistant will send you regular reminders to update your details to ensure that you get the most out of having your iProfile. iProfile Assistant will also help you during the iProfile building process with useful tips and answers to many of your questions.

What is the industry saying about the iProfile?

"The iProfile simplifies things a great deal - candidates can easily update their details online and no longer worry about the template or presentation of a paper CV, and recruiters will always have access to up-to-date, accurate information. Contractors can also see how much their skills are worth at any time, based on real live information, not speculation. The quality of the information stored via the iProfile should also enable recruiters to be more targeted when contacting candidates, and reduce the number of wasted calls, something contractors and recruiters alike will welcome!"
James Leckie, Editor of the UK's most visited IT contractor site, Contractor UK

"The iProfile is the best technological advance since online job advertising!"
Ann Swain, CEO of the Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo)

"I have had an iProfile for some time now and as a contractor I've found it the ideal tool for updating agencies with my latest availability, skills and job preferences. The great thing about the iProfile is the level of detail it allows me to go into when defining my skills. I've definitely found this has helped in reducing the number of calls I receive about jobs that simply aren't relevant to me."
Gabrielle Drewitt, PeopleSoft Contractor

“I’ve recently spent a lot of time completing different online registration forms with various agencies and having to enter the same information each time is incredibly frustrating. The creation of an industry standard CV template is something that the industry needs, as it will save candidates a lot of time. I personally found the iProfile to be extremely easy to complete and it only took me 5 minutes.”
Martin Whitehouse, Network Administrator

"As a result of completing my iProfile I now have a job interview lined up! The iProfile was quick and easy to complete and has definitely saved me a lot of time. It has also given me the confidence that when sending my CV to an agency that it will be dealt with rather than ending up at the bottom of a pile. By defining my skills using industry standard definitions, I now know consultants can hone in on my specific skills and requirements so that I don't miss out on relevant jobs."
Carole Jacotine, IT Customer Services Manager

"I thought the iProfile was easy to use and very intuitive. I was especially impressed with the skills tree, as a software tester I actually spent time exploring it when completing my iProfile and I found that it was highly comprehensive and extremely well done."
David Jansen, Software Tester

"I found the iProfile very straight forward and it was nice to actually get a response back from an agency when sending in my CV. I think the standardisation of the CV is definitely a good thing, especially if it means that I have a better chance of being selected for jobs."
Paul Boone, Purchasing & Logistics Manager